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The Lighting

The Belfast Skin Clinic, Northern Ireland’s first centre of excellence in Dermatology, opened its doors recently to deliver world-class private healthcare. Situated in the south of the city, and Led by Dr. Pamela McHenry and her team, the clinic is committed to providing the very highest standard of patient care.

The team at Lightsource worked closely with the architectural & interior design team to deliver a lighting solution that matched the clinical, healthcare environment. The lighting system used is the ‘kalis’ range, supplied by Intra Lighting. “With one of the smallest line systems on the market, (with a 5-pole wiring and elements for rapid electrical connection), enables the formation of beautiful, continuous lines of light.” With its modular components, it allows for countless lighting solutions in various environments.

If you would like to discuss using the Intra Lighting – ‘Kalis’ range for an upcoming project, drop us an email or call the team (+44 (0) 203 397 5250). * Miha Kilnar – 'Kalis' lighting designer