Project Lighting by Innermost

Innermost is not your conventional lighting business. It is excitingly defiant and not scared to experiment with different genres of lighting designs. The result is an eclectic and playful collection with unique and quirky products. The company emerged in 1999, when 2 designers gave up safe jobs, to follow their dream and set-up a workshop in an old lighting factory in Wembley. Very quickly it became a magnet for other young talented designers, based in London but from all around the world, who would bring their initial innovative ideas to the studio for Steve Jones and Russell Cameron to develop, from an initial concept to a viable commercial proposition. Today, the brand epitomises FUSION at its best: it exudes the exuberance you would expect from a melting pot of multi-cultural design collaborations, but it also has a distinctive traditional classic British feel to it, as the company never loses sight of its origins.