Project Lighting by Hunza

At HUNZA our goal is simple; to craft the best outdoor landscape lights in the world and to do it in a way that cares for our environment and the lives of those who contribute to our success.

Visitors to our factory often comment that our processes are remarkably hands-on. There are no mindless assembly lines, no conveyer belts, no machines that thump and punch products out at top-speed. Each light we produce is meticulously crafted using the latest CNC machining technology, then hand-assembled by people who take personal pride in the quality of each product.


Combining the latest CNC technology with people who care about each other and the products they make.
Using only high quality, durable materials and components including natural copper, 316 stainless steel and machine-grade alloys.
Maintaining close communication with customers to ensure that we are always open to suggestions and improvements to our product range.