Consultation & Advice

Our lighting consultants will chat with any customer – we really don’t discriminate; our clients range from Architects and Interior Designers to Electricians, Engineers, Hotel Managers, and Shop Owners.

Lighting Calculations

With experience and expertise working within the creative arena of lighting, we design, calculate and visualise light professionally using systems such as DIAlux, whilst adhering to statutory CIBSE guidelines for lux levels.


A picture being worth a thousand words, well, a fully rendered visualisation makes a presentation to a client all the more memorable.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

We offer, as part of our commitment to our customers, Continuing Professional Development lectures (CPD) to architects and trade professionals. *Numbers permitting


We are more than happy to provide advice on your lighting projects. It can be as simple as a casual conversation regarding product choice and placement.

Bespoke Lighting Design

Lightsource can create completely unique lighting for your project, or, bring your ideas to life with our comprehensive Bespoke Design and Manufacturing Services.