Picture this, you have found the perfect pendant light fitting for your kitchen, but it comes in four different sizes. Do you know which size is right for your space? How many you need? How to space them out? We have developed this pendant sizing guide to help you make the right choice. There are thousands of pendants to choose from in all shapes, sizes and styles. Sizing and positioning of your light fittings can make your space pop or flop. We have also written a blog on ‘How to Light Your Kitchen‘ for some additional help!

Step 1 – Diameter of Pendants Calculation

1. Measure the length and width of your breakfast bar or island in feet

2. Subtract 12 inches from both the length and width

3. Take the new length and width and add them together

4. This sum is the allowable width of each pendant, in inches, give or take

Pictured | Goodman | Voronoi | Shiek

Step 2 – Number of Pendants Calculation

1. Measure the length and width of your breakfast bar or island in feet and add together

2. Subtract 12 inches from the total of the length and width Divide by any number under the allowable width, calculated above

3. Divide answer of step 2, by 2

4. This is the number of pendants you can hang

Also remember that pendants come in all shapes and sizes, perhaps your space would look best with a single linear pendant or single circular pendant. Thoroughly consider your style and visualise various choices before coming to your final decision and do not hesitate to make use of one of our lighting experts.

Pictured | Utopia | Abbacus | SpaceB

If you decide to go for a linear pendant, be careful to keep it out of your line of sight when sitting at your table or counter. This could be very distracting when socialising with family and friends. The pendants overall length should not exceed the length of the table or surface.

Step 3 – Distance Between Pendant Lights Calculation

1. Measure the length of your table, breakfast bar or island

2. Decide how many pendants you would like and add 1 to this number

3. Divide the length by the number in step 2

4. This is the space between installation points of each fitting, i.e. the centre point

Pictured | Filipa | Ray | IC

If you plan on fitting an odd number of pendants, find the middle of your table/bar/island by dividing the length by 2. Hang the first pendant directly in the middle and space all other pendants equally, using the first as your starting point and approximate distance calculated previously. If you want to fit an even number of pendants, divide the distance calculation by 2 and hang the first 2 pendants either side of the centre line by that amount.

Step 4 – Height of Pendants Calculation

It is important to fit your pendants at a height that will not get in the way for you or your guests. As a rule of thumb, pendants should be hanging 30-36 inches above your table, worktop or island. This is measured from the lowest point of the light fitting. Always trial the height of your pendant before you instal them permanently. Ask someone to hold them in place and experiment with height. This is a good way to avoid any niggling mistakes that you may be stuck with and to achieve the best final outcome.

Pictured | Crown | Storm | Flat

Important Things to Consider

Like most rules, there are exceptions. The steps we have outlined here are not set in stone. Considerate a starting point. You will notice the huge variotion in size, shape and hanging position in the pictures in this blog, careful calculation has gone in to positioning each of the lights featured. If you have any doubt what-so-ever over your kitchen lighting, do not hesitate to contact one of our lighting experts today!

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