The team at Lightsource are happy to provide advice on all of your lighting projects. Our advice can be as simple as a casual conversation regarding product choice and placement. However, if the project requires, we can offer a full lighting design service, including lighting plans, lux levels, CAD drawings and 3D renderings. Lightsource are Northern Irelands leading lighting design company with prestigious projects spanning every sector.

Lighting & Circuit Plans

Creating a lighting plan for your project is an essential part of any commercial or residential build or renovation. The team at Lightsource will take your existing floor plans and create a detailed circuit diagram that shows each light fitting in its correct installation location and the recommended circuit. By creating a lighting plan with Lightsource, you will save time and money on installation as your electrician will have a clear indication of what is required. Lighting plans also provide an opportunity to flag any unwanted complications when it comes to installation. Read more about our residential lighting services here.

LUX Levels & CAD

Many commercial building projects will have rules and regulations relating to lighting levels in specific areas. By using computer aided design to calculate the LUX levels in a space, the technical team at Lightsource can provide you with the reassurance you need to select the right light fittings for the right areas. Full and detailed lighting level reports will be produced in order to satisfy all legal requirements, before a light fitting is ordered.

3D Renders

3D renders are a fantastic way to visualise your project before you start. Lightsource can help you understand how your space will be lit with the use of detailed renders. This service will help you to avoid any costly mistakes and make changes in any area, before any lighting is ordered.