French Wiring Guide by lightsource

What is French Wiring?

On a French wired lamp, the electrical cord will run from the socket, directly to the bulb holder. The cord or ‘flex’ is usually decorative as it is visable.

French Wired Visual Comfort Table Lamp

| Aspen |

The decorative cotton cord on the Aspen table lamp runs through hoops to keep it in place and relatively hidden from view.

Why do Lighting Designers & Manufacturers Use French Wiring?

Lighting Designers and Manufacturers will opt for French wiring when the electrical cable can’t run through the body of the lamp. In some situations, you may find that a lamp has been french wired when normal wiring techniques would detract from the overall aesthetic of the luminaire.Ring Form | The electrical cord on the Ring Form Table Lamp from Visual Comfort runs directly from the bulb holder to the socket as not to disturb the beautifully sculpted Alabaster.

Where am I Likely to Find French Wiring and How do I Tell?

You are most likely to see French Wiring on table lamps, floor lamps and some wall lamps. We have made an effort to highlight these products on our website in the text description. Here is a list of Visual Comfort lights that carry the French wiring technique. View more Visual Comfort Lighting in our purpose built gallery! Our French wired lamps will carry the below message in their text description.

What’s the Difference Between Regular & French Wired Lamps?

You will notice in the picture below, the electrical cables entering the Clemente Table Lamp and Alma Floor Lamp at the base of the light. The cable runs through the body and is wired to the bulb holder. You can see the wire running up the outside of the body of the Alma table lamp (left), as featured previously.

| Table Lamp – Clemente | Floor Lamp – Alma |

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