From Render to Reality - Bespoke Lighting with Lightsource

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What Bespoke Lighting Services do Lightsource Offer?

At Lightsource, we love the challenge of creating bespoke lighting for our clients. Whether you have an idea that you can describe to us, or, already made drawings, the team at Lightsource can turn your concept into a reality. Our design team can create precise workshop drawings and renders of your idea before sending it to our manufacturer who will use high quality materials and precision tooling to ensure the best possible finishes are achieved.

Here is an example of a designer's render coming to reality at the Hinch Distillery.

comparison of render and real photograph of Hinch Distillery tasting room

How to Create Bespoke Lighting with Lightsource

  1. Contact us via the form at the bottom of this blog. You can upload any drawings or plans that you may have, or, simply describe your idea.

  2. Develop your design. Our design team will create workshop drawings and renders of your proposed design, allowing you to make sure they are right for your space.

  3. We will send your design to our relevant workshops. Our team will keep you updated on progress of the manufacturer with workshop photos and videos, if required.

  4. Delivery and Installation. Our team will guide you through the installation process of your bespoke light fittings.
    Europa hotel bespoke bedside lighting

Why go Bespoke?

Our top three requirements for bespoke lighting are as follows;

  1. To create light fittings that are completely unique.

  2. To create lighting and/or lighting effects for a very specific purpose.

  3. To match existing fixtures and finishes in the space.

Many of our clients engage with us to create lighting that is completely unique. Many Hotels will employ designers to create interiors that stand out and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Have a look at the large, 3 tier cylindrical lights that were designed by our interior design client and manufactured by us, for the Grand Central Hotel in the heart of Belfast.

Bespoke Lighting at the Grand Central Hotel Belfast

Many of our bespoke design projects are the result of needing a very specific light for a specific place that you cannot buy 'off-the-shelf.' The Soak Restaurant in London is a perfect example of this. The client wished to have an overhead light for multiple tables, stemming from the same central point. This tree-like design creates a stunning visual effect, as well as serving the desired purpose. High quality metals and opaque white glass globes have been perfectly crafted to create these magnificent lights.

Soak Restaurant at Grovener Hotel London

The designers employed to take on the impressive refurbishment of The Midland Hotel, Manchester, had a clear idea of the large, classical style chandeliers required to make a statement in the public areas of the building. Aged Brass metal work compliments the other metal finishes throughout the ground floor, while opaque white diffusers in a hexagonal shape were specified to eliminate any glare.

Bespoke lighting at the Midland Hotel, Manchester

What Materials are Available to Make Lights From?

Metal Work

Lightsource's metal work is produced by some of the finest artisans in the business. It is possible to produce your design in almost any metal or finish. Metal Samples for lightsource bespoke lighting

Glass Blowing & Crystal

Lightsource have partnered with one of Europes finest glass blowers. This means that you can create stunning designs that include intricate glass work, safe in the knowledge that it will be of the finest quality. Lightsource have also created many designs with the inclusion of crystal and other precious and semi-precious stones.

Glass blowing

Fabric & Paper Lamp Shades

From bespoke shapes and sizes, to providing your own favourite fabric, Lightsource can make your lamp shades completely unique. Whether you want to replicate a damaged shade, or, create a sound dampening centre piece, the team at Lightsource will ensure you end up with exactly what you need.


Bespoke LED Lighting

From creating custom lengths and curves with high output LED lighting, to creating the perfect beam angle or louvre for your specific requirements, Lightsource partner with brands that provide fully felxible and customisable LED lighting solutions. Our lighting consultants would be happy to guide you through the process of selecting the right LED lighting for your space.


Tell us About Your Bespoke Lighting Requirements

If you have any bespoke lighting requirements, fill in this short form and our expert team will be in touch very soon!