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Modular Lighting Instruments - Our Exclusive Partnership

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Lightsource & Modular Lighting Instruments Irish Partnership

Lightsource are delighted to introduce Modular Lighting Instruments to the Irish market with an exclusive partnership. Modular design and manufacture architectural lighting with attitude. The Belgian firm has a strong focus on modularity, simplicity and quality. The functionality of light is at the core of what Modular do.

The Modular Approach

Modular design is at the core of Modular's luminaires. Light fittings that have the ability to change function, shape or colour with ease, inspire designers and end-users with a huge amount of choice and flexibility. For example, take a look at the Tetrix range. The same ceiling fixing and the light engine can easily transform into these unique designs.

Modular Tetrix modular downlighting

Not only do the majority of Modular's fittings have multiple designs and also come with accessories to ensure the light output is perfect for your space. there are unlimited combinations of designs and accessories in the Tetrix range.

Tetrix downlight range with accessories


Only high quality and highly efficient LED lighting units are used by Modular. As standard, a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 90 is standard on all units at all colour temperatures. Different colour temperatures are available for all products. Quality materials are a must for Modular. They produce their light fittings in-house, meaning they have full control over the quality of materials used. All reflectors are made from Aluminium rather than plastic that some manufacturers use.

kitchen featuring modular lighting instruments light fittings.

Not Just Downlights

Modular Lighting Instruments don't just make downlights. From lines of light, track, profile, outdoor and decorative fittings, Modular has a meticulously thought out range of products that all feature an element of flare that you will not have seen before!

retail space with modular lighting instruments lighting

Where to use Modular Light Fittings

Some spaces need light fittings to seamlessly compliment the design and architecture of a space. Other spaces require lights that stand out. The huge array of fittings, options and effects available from Modular Lighting Instruments range of lighting provides a solution for every space, both residential and commercial. Lighting should be chosen specifically to the task at hand. Offices require clean and focused light to promote productivity and meet legal requirements. Retail lighting requires the product to be put in the spotlight. Home lighting should be flexible, allowing you to use the space you have to the maximum of its capability. The options available with Modular's ranges allow you to achieve a uniform aesthetic, while providing the perfect amount of light, to the perfect place.

Modern office lighting

Would you like to know more about Modular Lighting Instruments products? Give our team of lighting experts a call today!

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