Exclusive Q&A With Vistosi CEO, Matteo Moretti

Vistosi exclusive q&a with Mateo Moretti

An introduction to Vistosi

The history of Italian Lighting company, Vistosi, dates back as far as 1585, when Vincenzo Gazzabin started manufacturing Murano Glass, a discipline that is still very much relevant to the production of Vistosi lighting today. In 2008, Vistosi took a leap in to the 21st century by moving to their new, state-of-the art premises, designed by Sergio Misserotti. The new HQ's fine lines and quality materials are said to reflect the character of the brand.

Vistosi HQ

Since moving to the new headquarters, the team at Vistosi have continued to innovate with the introdution of materials such as Carbon Fibre, the patenting of manufacturing processes and finishes and, of course, the integration of quality LED lighting to the range.

We are delighted to introduce Matteo Moretti with an exclusive question and answer session with the CEO of this historic lighting brand.

Q&A with Matteo

1. What has been the key to success for Vistosi?

The respect. Respect to the work of the craftsmen in the glass factory and for all the employees in the company, from projecting to production, from commercial department to shipping. But also respect to the Suppliers and to the Clients. Simply this: being honest and clear, admitting our weak points and trying to invest and do our best to increase our strength ones. Time and experience, together with more than 500 years of know on in the glass manufacturing and more than 70 years in the lighting manufacturing were the ingredients. Bespoke Mureno Glass blowing

2. What does it mean to you, personally, to lead a company with such a long and rich history?

A huge responsibility but also a spur to never give up!

3. The Ferea table lamp sill looks futuristic, 20 years on from its conception. How do you ensure Visosi continue to create timeless and cutting edge designs for the next 20 years and beyond?

All of our designs come from designer that we carefully selected, each on of them have been trained on our skills and our glass works, process and know-how, then we give them several briefings according to our commercial strategy and company policy to stimulate their creativity. After that it comes the most important and strategic job: the product selection. The right choices are going to mark our future. And the performance of the sales of the last years shows that not only this job is done correctly but also that we are improving: 6 out of the 10 top sellers were designed in the last 5 years.

Fera Table lamp by Vistosi

4. Do you have a favourite project?

Yes: the one we are doing. I mean, We always have more than one understudy and those ones takes 101% of our attention and our passion, for this reason they are and they should be our favourites. Hotel Cafe Royal Hotel Cafe Royal

5. How has the partnership between Vistosi and Lightsource impacted your business?

The partnership between Vistosi and The Lightsource was recently re-discovered we are pretty confident we will be able to achieve together great goals since we have reached a very professional and close cooperation and a full communication channel between the both teams.

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