Project Lighting by MA&DE

MA&DE - standing for Material and Design Lighting is a collection of the well known brand, Linea Light. MA&DE bring together design and technology that results in functional beauty. The drive behind the MA&DE collection is to add real technological value to aesthetically sophisticated products in order to make them highly functional and to set the bar for functional, beautiful lighting across the world. 

Warm Tune™ - Recognising that different light projects different atmospheres, MA&DE allow for variation of intensity and colour temperature across the product range.

OptiLight™ - An entirely new concept and technique of dispersing light. The technology uses textures, laser engraving and micro engraving for maximum transparency when the light is off and for optimal beam direction when the light is on. 

MA&DE strive to provide for the functional and aesthetic requirements of the most diverse areas while being delivered from an object of real beauty.